Zombie Survival Party

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Zombie apocalypses are always a threat to modern society, at least that's what the kids at Pathfinders think!

These have been trying times ever since the zombies came. It is your job to protect your village and stop the zombie invasion. Train with elite instructors from the Pathfinders Z-Team. Learn essential skills of survival and stealth. 

What to expect from our Zombie Survival Party:

Set the scene, familiarise yourself with the safe area

Learn fire lighting skills, the ultimate survival skill, this will keep you warm, cook your food and purify your water. 

Learn battlefield first aid, in the event you get bitten by a zombie, learn to suture, survival style in the event you or your companions need it. 

Learn Zombie self defence techniques before finishing off the day with a crossbow shootout


£140 for 12 children 
Additional Children £10 per child



*We reserve the right to change the activities listed which may be tailored to the age of the group