Wizards & Witches Party

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Immerse your children in our magical forest and seek out the Tree Spirits and gain permission to enter the forest.

Gathering around the carved Tree Spirits Throne the children can begin selection of their wands! allowing their hands to hover over the many wands placed before them, passed down from previous sorcerers before them! They can choose ‘their’ most magical wand. 

Then they set off into the woodland to begin the potion making process of collecting the ingredients for their mixtures, and of course they had to find themselves a truly remarkable stirring stick from the forest floor in order to blend-in their desired wishes!

Stir your potions into the mystical cauldron and watch as the fire changes colour.... now thats magic

Each party finishes by toasting marshmallows over a fire and drinking hot chocolate! What more could they want?


£130 for 12 children (1.5 hours)
Additional Children £10 per child

Suitable for younger children

*We reserve the right to change the activities listed which may be tailored to the age of the group