Swedish Torch

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Swedish torches are a great way to decoratively heat up and light up outside spaces.
These torches are ideal for outdoor activities such as garden parties and BBQs as they act as both a source of heat and light.

Why not try a spot of cooking too, or even toast some marshmallows! With a flat top they make the perfect stove for boiling the kettle or using a frying pan..

These Swedish Torches come direct from our own woodland and depending on how big they are burn approximately 2- 6 hours. Easy to light too, they have a firelighter in the centre of the log.

These Swedish Torches burn from the inside out due to the clever design, producing less smoke and ash giving a much cleaner burn.

Suitable for those long Summer nights, camping or even as a party piece for Bonfire night!

We have various sizes available:




Please note that due to the weight, these are collection only from our woodland shop in Coleorton LE67 8JH.