Nerf Tactical Birthday Party

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Who doesn't love Nerf wars? I know that I am a big kid when it comes to Nerf battles and I have hours of fun with my children and their friends battling it out.

Our Team commanders will organise the children into teams for you and then run a number of different games for them, such as Capture the Flag, blow the bunker, Protect the President, last man standing and test individual skills at target practice.

We provide every guest with their own air blasters which fire soft foam darts at the enemy. Safety is our number one priority so all guest are issued goggles.

The Battle Field consists of numerous movable obstacles and barricades that the players can use as tactical shelter. Because all of the obstacles are movable, we can set up the Battle Field just about anywhere there is a large enough space, inside or out!

The party options below are for children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

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*We reserve the right to change the activities listed which may be tailored to the age of the group