Jedi Knight Party

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Immerse your children into the world of fantasy and imagination.

What kid doesn't want to be Luke Skywalker, Rey or even Darth Vader?

Come and join us on the Forest moon of Endor where you children will start their journey to become a Jedi Knight.

Under the guidance of Jedi masters the younglings will become a Padawan and they will learn the Jedi way. The three pillars of the Jedi Path are self-discipline, knowledge, and the Force in this section they will learn mindfulness meditation to calm their minds and and feel the force within them.

A Jedi should be fit and capable and are essential if you want to be a Jedi, here the Padawans will take part in the agility training through our special course cut out in the Endor forest.

Now they have the basics, its time to move onto battle training, including Jedi fight training, Lightsabre and staff training. This is the fun part of the day, learning how to use a Lightsabre and continue on the path to become a Jedi...

This is the party you are looking for...


£140 for 12 children 

Additional Children £10 per child - click here to add more children

Party Food from £4.50 per child - Click here to add party food


*We reserve the right to change the activities listed which may be tailored to the age of the group