HE Forest School - Stone Age

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From September we will be introducing our new outdoor learning program for our home educated Forest School.

These next 7 weeks we will be exploring the Stone Age through practical workshops.

Each activity uses a different approach to help pupils connect with the environment and their fellow classmates.

This term will run every other Monday starting on 9th September 10am to 12pm.

The sessions the children will learn are as follows:

Monday 9th September

Fire lighting is a fundamental skill of forest schooling, and leads on to so many other opportunities for learning about this era of history.

In the stone age there were two main techniques:

Using flint stone, hit the flint against a fire striker (which would have been made from iron pyrite) to create a spark for the tinder, then blow on it gently when it starts to smoke.
Make a bow and drill bit out of wood and string, drag the bow back and forth rapidly to create fire through friction.

Monday 23rd September - Make your tools
Use stones to shape flint into knives, spearheads or a scraper. Fix sticks to the stones securely using string and knot-tying to complete the tool.
Certain tasks that seem simple for us can be a real challenge for children. Tying a knot to secure a spearhead to the handle takes intricate fine motor skills and lots of patience.

Monday 7th October - Bow & Arrow and Spear make/throwing competition
Show children just how difficult hunting in the stone age would have been with a fun spear-throwing competition. Tell them that children their age would have been expected to take part in all hunter-gatherer activities with the tribe. Get the children to measure each throw, recording the distance, and the winner is whoever threw the furthest

Monday 21st October - Markings
Investigate why stone age people drew pictures on the walls of caves or carved images into stones. What natural materials did they use to create pieces of art or decorate themselves with warpaint?
Create Stone Age paintings using natural materials

Monday 4th November - Create jewellery
People in the stone age would often create jewellery using bones, stones, shells and animal teeth. These were simple designs but were ornamental displays of a person’s most prized objects. The discovery of stone age jewellery is a key point in history as it showed the development of human traits such as self-awareness, status and decoration. Use white clay to make the teeth, bones or shells, punch holes through the clay and string together with leather laces to make necklaces.

Monday 18th November - Primitive Hot stone cooking
One of the most engaging and memorable activities you can do from the stone age is cooking and eating. If you have an allotment you can harvest herbs, onions and mushrooms and add in some meat for a delicious stew. Place the stew in a leather bag and place on hot stone taken straight from a fire to cook.

Monday 2nd December Build a tipi
Stone age habitats used wood or bone for the structure and animal material for warmth. Construct a shelter out of tall, straight sticks to mimic the bones, and cover it with blankets in place of animal hides. Make it more inviting inside with comfortable soft cushions, creating a multi functional learning space.

The cost will be £63 per child for a 7 week course. (2 hour session)