Forest Bathing - 21st December

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Forest Bathing, is a unique experience and a beautiful way to immerse yourself in the therapeutic powers of the woodland. 

Forest bathing is the practise of bathing all of the senses whilst taking in the forest atmosphere, it's a slow practise, guiding you through a series of gentle exercises designed to restore you both mentally and physically.

It originated in Japan, where it is called shinrin-yoku, and it is now one of the cornerstones of Japanese healthcare.

Forest Bathing draws on the therapeutic powers of nature and connects people with the natural environment. With guidance, you can learn to make the experience truly immersive and bring all your senses into play, leaving you feeling calmer and happier. It sounds like an alternative therapy and yet, in many ways, it is simply a return to our original state of being.

Regular forest bathing has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduces stress, improves empathy and creativity and can help to boost your immune system!

This 2 hour introductory session will be run by our own practitioner, who will guide you to relax and connect with the natural world via mindfulness, grounding and the use of the senses de-stressing you in time for your Christmas break

21st December 1pm to 3pm

Not suitable for children.

£20 per person - Limited spaces available