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Welcome to our next 7 week instalment of Special Operations Academy 

Our spy school incorporates multiple areas of the curriculum but focuses on STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) activities as well as physical education training with drill, agility and tactical training in a fun and safe outdoor learning environment.

At the spy school your children will learn various aspects of spy training including code breaking and cryptography, dna testing, finger printing, lock picking, laser grid, mine field, agility course, communications, spy gadgets including parabolic Mike, hidden cameras, listening devices, drones, tactical training infusing unarmed combat and pistol shooting to mission training.

We will run the course as we do at schools, so that each course represents a term and will be charged per term and not on an individual week by week basis

The cost will be £63 per child for a 7 week course. (2 hour session)

The 2nd course will consist of :

Code breaking and cryptography
Lock picking - Safe Cracking
Drone basic flight controls
Camouflage & Concealment
Camouflage hides 
Pistol shooting - Tactical move and shoot
Sniper shooting
Agility course
Unarmed Combat
Disguises & Adaptability
Distraction devices
Rescue techniques

End of term mission - Code named Pegasus
Locate the enemy base
Gather intelligence
Take out the guards
Rescue Hostage
Starting Thursday 5th September 2019 at 11am to 1pm
Then every other Thursday for six more sessions. 
The dates are as follows
19th September
3rd & 31st October
14th and 28th November 
12th December