Adventures in The Forbidden Forest - Wednesday 16th October

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Brand new to 2019, Young Pathfinders brings you our Harry Potter inspired day of wizardry, in our Adventures in the Forbidden forest.

At our Wizard Training School Bogwarts, you will discover your inner Wizard as you immerse yourself into this adventure deep in the forbidden forest.

After being sorted into your houses using the ancient sorting hat, you will begin your classes and start by attending potions class, then moving onto fire spells, defence against the dark arts by taking on the dementors in the archery range. 

After muggle lunch you will then take part in a game of muggle quidditch before sampling some wizard treats. 

Next on the agenda is to free the naughty elf Dobbie and beat the portkey.

You will have the chance to make your own woodland Bowtruckle to take home.

Finishing the day you will hunt for dragon eggs, cast spells into the fire and toast marshmallows. 

Oh and dont forget to bring a clean jam jar if you wish to catch a cornish Pixie :)

This will be a brilliant day

From ages 5 to 14 years old

0930 to 1630hrs (7 hours)

Prices £25 per child per day