What we do
Young Pathfinders started out as an adventure club for children aged between 5 and 16 years old, as an alternative to Scouting. We started with 7 children at our first club and within 4 weeks we were full with 24 children.

Since then it has evolved from a small club to a small business which offers survival experiences to not only children but to adults as well. Since we started in April 2015 we have had over 200 children attend either one of our clubs, school clubs, summer activities, Birthday parties, family days or our survival experiences.

Even now, we continue to grow!

The emphasis of the business is on engaging and teaching children valuable life skills in a supported, supervised and safe outdoor environment. Young people will be taught practical skills that encourage independence and social interaction, with the emphasis on fun and exploring the outdoors.

Each session will be focused on a different topic or skill that guides the child through the requisite knowledge and skills, culminating in demonstrating their new found ability in a practical setting.

Young Pathfinders is unique to North West Leicestershire, in that it is based solely on teaching practical survival and adventure skills to children of school age, whilst challenging and inspiring them to be creative and explore the local environment.
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