Outdoor Woodland Kindergarten
Preschool adventures in the forest
Our Forest schools have recently been described as the SAS
of Forest Schools. Where Forest school stops, we pick it up and
include a variety of activities that have been adapted from
our own Pathfinder programme to suit and enhance the Forest
School experience.

Learning Outside the Classroom develops an understanding of
the social, economic and environmental impact of our natural
surroundings in children.

Our expert teaching combined within a natural environment
are all that’s needed to bring nature to life and for children to
learn valuable life skills and increase self esteem.

Engaging with mini-beast hunts, shelter building, fire lighting,
bushcraft skills and more, Young Pathfinders sessions can
be delivered in your own surroundings or at our woodland
location amidst a 400 acre forest.

Our Forest is a truly magical location that is hidden away
from the general public and offers a safe but natural forest,
with trees spanning 100 feet into the canopy. This is a truly
immersive environment to teach Forest Schools

Our workshops are packed with activities to
bring children of all ages and abilities together, appreciating
the sustainable role the natural environment in our lives in the
most hands-on way possible. Sessions are relaxed and the
activities we provide are available for any child who chooses
to take part.

Some children will choose to run, climb and explore and this is
encouraged, whether that means they choose to be immersed
in the activities, or immersed in their thoughts, it is their choice
and this is imperative because children learn best when they
are guided by their own interests and at their own pace.

What it costs:

Half Day -
Morning 0930 - 1230 Afternoon 1230 - 1530

Full Day
0930 - 1530
(Maximum 30 children)

Fully Qualified and insured Forest School instructors